Plans, plans… I just realised a week lapsed between the last 2 posts. I hope no-one is relying on this site as a source of regular information…

Being a mom is already taking a lot of my energy. I have been really tired again this week, as tired as the first trimester but different because of all the extra weight. Much thanks to Ruthie for the lovely Elemis pressie – I got a lovely foot rub from himself using the instant refreshing gel which really helped the swollen feet and sore shins.

Also I seem to spend all my spare time posting to Eumom instead of here. All my philosophical thoughts for the day wander over there. I can’t blog properly from work which is probably as well. I have great plans for this site while I am at home on maternity leave waiting for Frisky to make his/her appearance.

Pregnancy is amazing. I really like it and it suits me very well. It’s made me realise so many things about myself and my relationships to other people. It has made me realise what is important and who I can rely on. Life is a real voyage of discovery. Most of my friends are globetrotting thinking they’ll make the discovery there but often it’s the stuff that happens in your own sitting room that teaches you more about yourself. Pregnancy is shaping up into an amazing odyssey and no doubt childbirth and motherhood will prove just as interesting and challenging for me.

Himself just came home so I better scarper.

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