Alright Hen! Himself’s parents arrived for the weekend on Friday. Brought them out for dinner to “Il Sorano“, an Italian restaurant around the corner. It was okay.

Then up early on Saturday – Himself was bringing his ma to her teacher training course and I had to sew up my jeans AGAIN! Then Himself went for a swim and me and his da went down to Rathmines to the shops and to visit the Smiths. I actually bought something for the baby – really cute babygros in Dunnes (god does their website suck!)

A really big house in the country So the Radio Star showed up at 2ish to pick me up to go down to Claire’s hen party in Clomontagh Castle in Kilkenny, a property restored and let by the Irish Landmark Trust. Oh it was just perfect. There was 8 of us there. I got a room to myself not far from the loo which was so thoughtful of them. We had interesting carbonara for dinner and I was involved in making ratatouille – it difficult though because we were cooking on a stanley range. It was a fairly low key event really but a lot of catching up was done. Good to see Bridezilla in particular. And I met a D-list celeb – hurrah!

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