The (fore)play’s the thing

Went to see Love in the Time of Affluence in the Crypt last night. I laughed but I also did a lot of cringing with my parents sitting beside me. The play was all about sex in Dublin. Mind you the fact that I was sitting there with my own child kicking up a storm made me realise that no doubt my parents have heard it all before. In 20 odd years time that will be Himself and me sitting in a theatre watching our child cringe. Weird.

So it was all about sex in Dublin. Of all the things you could choose to link a disparate bunch of people, in a way it is the least interesting. It’s a very noughties version of a day in the life of a penny. If the stories, as oppposed to the linking, and the characters are not interesting, believable, if you feel no empathy to any of them then what is the point? Basically it was all just a little bit too caught up with its own cleverness at coming up with this great idea of linking characters throught sex. Yawn

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