Oo-er missus

So last night was hilarious. I was stuck at home waiting until 8pm – Mum got delayed in work. I managed to get the handle on this SSI thing a bit better. [Note to self: it’s generally considered a good idea to upload anything that is referenced… Doh!]

So finally we all headed out to the Country Mice where we served a delicious Italian meal by my sophisticated cousin Beebs. She also had presents for everyone – mine being an incentive to get slim again in the form of a beautiful silk dress. During the course of the meal we “chatted” about various things and at one point my mother was overheard saying “I know first aid – you would have to do the Hymen Manouevre” Oh dear god it took us a good while to calm down after that. Abs and Beebs got an awful fit of the giggles and no-one could say anything after that. The Child Genius’ boyfriend was present and must think we are all mad.

However we didn’t leave until nearly one o’clock so it was half past by the time I got home. Being in the car made me feel sick and I got that classic flashy eye symptom of funny blood pressure. I am shattered today and felt decidedly odd this morning. Just goes to show you how much pressure you’re putting on your body. Just tired now really – I’m gonna push off. A nice relaxing afternoon of photography – putting together a press pack for one of our projects in work.

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