Won’t be much to see here folks for the next few days. Himself’s parents are coming for a few days tonight and I am off to Kilkenny tomorrow for the night for the Future Mrs. Casey’s hen party. Can’t wait to see her.

Boo-hoo Was at yoga on Wednesday. Reckon it’s the last one for a while after realising 2 things:

  • I will be 30 weeks (7.5 months) pregnant this time next week
  • It’s kinda hard to balance with an extra 2 stone on your front – you try active lunges with an extra one fifth of your body loaded between your neck and legs!

Oh well not long until my antenatal yoga starts in Holles St.

Not so cool I went to check out the Muji CD Player at lunchtime, thinking I would buy it. It is cool but wasn’t superkeen on the hanging abilities and apparently the sound isn’t so good. Oh it is such an amazing object though…. Oh feck dilemna. money…burning…hole….in…pocket…

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