You may be wondering what the deal is with the Flog topic below on the left. Well I found out that you can blog from you phone and that there is a site that offers such a service in Ireland. It’s particularly cool if you have a digital camera integrated in your mobile phone.

Now even though I managed to regiser and start a flog on this site it was only when I tried to post from the mobile that I realised you had to be a real 02 customer to avail of it. Fair enough. So I decided to mail Vodafone and ask them if they were planning to develop a similar service. I was mailed back and told by the rep who mailed me that she couldn’t access the site. I have had no problem accessing the site so I can only presume they have no internet access. I’m waiting to hear back from her. I mentioned that I might be persuaded to switch providers if they don’t plan on developing a phone blog service. Or if their customer representatives don’t have internet access…

And don’t get me started on Eircom’s Domestic Broadband Package. Oh holy God!!

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