A meeting of minds and big, big bodies

After a quiet evening in watching Sex and the City with Himself (he loves it but would only admit it if asked if he loved Will and Grace more) on Friday the weekend definitely ramped up on Saturday.

It was so hot! I cycled into town to meet some other Eumoms in the Westbury, to put some faces to the pseudonyms. We had a very pleasant couple of hours talking about all sorts of stuff that only expectant mothers can find interesting. As it was my idea to begin with I was quite nervous that it wouldn’t go well but it was great and we hope to meet up again in a month or so. Ready made playmates for Frisky – hurrah!

Cool as… Saturday evening we went off to the Radio Star’s house-cooling party. It was still really warm and we had a really nice evening chatting, listening to eclectic tunes, eating and drinking (ginger ale for me – my latest tipple)

Dundalk, haigh! Sunday – a nice lie-in and then an amazingly short hour and a quarter drive to visit Himself’s big sis and family in Dundalk. His eldest niece isn’t so well but hopefully is on the mend today. It was really warm (very unusual) and great craic (as usual) with all the Stanleys.

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