Soon, my lovely, soon

Still haven’t got the act together re. posting about our trip to the Big Apple. Have the pix so may write a photostory… !

So how’s the Little Bastard coming along? Here’s what has to say:

Hearing is by now well developed in your baby and he/she begins to respond to sound (earliest evidence for this is from 18-22 weeks) and can open and close its mouth. Your baby is also sensitive to taste and touch, and baby teeth have now formed in the gums. Additionally, the eyes are well developed, as are the eyelids; these, however, remain closed until birth, but can open if the baby is born from around 24-25 weeks.

The cihld is about the size of a mobile phone – well my mobile phone anyway. It is a super frisky individual. Spent about an hour yesterday evening doing a jig on my diaphragm or that’s what it felt like anyway!

I had a nice relaxing weekend. Well except for the bit when I realised that (a) all maternity clothes are for mums and (b) all these mums are at least a foot taller than yours truly. I did find 2 items: a really plain balck dress and a nice skirt that’s a really cool shade of green – I’m going to wear the skirt to this weddding that Himself and I are invited to in a few weeks.

Caught up with some friends over the weekend. Some just back from holidays in the sun, others about to head off. Had a lovely brunch with two friends who are expecting their first within the month. It was our first time visiting their house and it is absolutely lovely. We ate out in the back garden. So nice – I went home thinking I want a back garden to eat my breakfast in on sunny days!! (Stamp foot. Clench fist. If ineffective lie on floor and kick feet and scream.)

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