Pissed off

Funny thing happened to me on Monday. Woke up with a problem with the old waterworks. Bursting to go to the loo. Go. Need to go straight away again. Considering it’s the first side effect of the pregnancy for me I’m doing quite well. So I ring up my doctor and make an appointment and decide, considering time away from the loo is not an option, to lash down on the bike. I come to a red light at a pedestrian crossing and think “Feck it” and keep going – something which I absolutely hate! Next thing alongside me comes a garda on a bike and he pulls me over. He doesn’t even get a word out. I go “I’m 16 weeks pregnant. I am on my way to the doctor with a possible kidney infection (dramatic effect). I am about to wet myself. If you don’t let me go, I *will* pee” all accompanied by a nice little j’ai envie jig.

He went bright red and let me go.

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