Workin’ it

Workin’ it Saturday morning and I am in work. Don’t mind that too much as I would have just been sleeping if I hadn’t come home in here. But could I have made more of a haimes of the morning? I don’t think so.

I came in to work on a lecture I am giving on Wednesday morning and to let the Eircom technician in to install DSL. I was chuffed to bits with myself that I managed to get here before 9. I let myself in, dunped my stuff on the floor in the reception, wrote a note for the techie to ring my mobile when he got here, went out to the front door to stick note to the door and let the fecking inner door lock behind me. I’m in the vestibule, my phone, keys, purse and COFFEE are all in the reception. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH.

Stood there cursing for about 5 minutes.

Eventually figured the only thing to do was to go and ring my long suffering boss. Our lovely neighbours across the the road in the Alliance Francaise let me use their phone. Fair play to my boss, herself and her daughter arrived half an hour later to let me in.

And not long after the techie arrived and hooked us up. Hurrah.

Since then have been mailing the Travelling Wibblies about all the news and working on the lecture for Wednesday. I have the lecture sorted on Powerpoint but I am supposed to give them a practical exercise as well based on itbut I can’t think of a single thing to get them to.

I might just show them my new list of amazing web resources including

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