Hey, hey, LBJ, get the hell out of Vietnam

Hey, hey, LBJ, get the hell out of Vietnam Going to protest this evening outside the US Embassy. 6pm See yis all there!

“The Main Dublin protest on Day X will be at the US Embassy at 6pm. Again you need to start spreading the word now, giving out leaflets telling everybody to get to the US embassy the evening of any attack. For those in Dublin City Centre we will have a presence outside Dail Eireann from 12am on the day of any attack. Anybody who works near by or who is off and can get down should. If as looks likely Day X is Thursday our protest outside the Dail will coincide with a debate in the Dail on Shannon. The Dail has been reconvened especially to debate the issue.This will be an imporetaqnce last chance to demand our government have nothing to do with this war. The protest will go on from at least 12 till 2pm.”

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