Aaaah Wexford

Aaah Wexford Spent the weekend visiting himseld’s family in Wexford. Wasn’t the brightest bunny on Saturday morning after an evening spent in Anseo (formerly Cons) of Camden St. for some drinking and later Thomas the Skank Engine at Gray’s of Newmarket for some dancin’.

The weather was amazing all weekend. We visited Himself’s eldest brother and his wife who are releasing an album in Wexford Arts Centre on 28.03.2003 so we’ll be back in Wexford real soon. Ann “forced” me to drink loads of really nice red wine. Wyndham Estate Bin 555 – a shiraz. Yum.

Blooming great And Melanie with only a month left to the birth, was looking fabulous.

Child labour On the way home from Wexford we stopped off in Scart to visit the Big Bro and the Ladies. Himself and I were left in charge and had a grand afternoon with the Two Little Ladies, running around the garden, playing the guitar. We got the older one to wash our car which was great craic altogether. The younger one had to be carried everywhere and she is some lump! Of course when the parents arrived home who was carrying the sleeping child? Himself and not muggins here who had been carrying her around all afternoon. Typical.

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig So we gave B’s friend a lift home. “Maybe we should go the back way, up through Wicklow instead of Kildare. The traffic might be better” says he, “I know the way”. We figured why not? until we reached Enniscorthy. For God’s sake!

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