Missing in Action (action not Acton)

Missing in Action I haven’t posted for a while. Very lax of me altogether. I have a very good excuse – I have been away ski-ing in Andorra.

Downhill from there As my hilarious firend Prof GF Said to me the other day, “It was great until we got to the top of the mountain, but it went downhill from there.” Hardihar. Lads, it was AMAZING!!!! The best holiday I have ever had. If you haven’t been ski-ing yet I recommend it and if you have, I don’t need to tell you!

There’s no business like snow business It is hard to imagine what went on in Andorra before ski-ing came to town. Apart from cheap alcohol, electronics and fuel it didn’t seem to have much going for it. Being a weird anachronistic little country like Gibraltar or Northern Ireland won’t hack it with the tourists anymore. That said myself and the fella did spend the night in Gibraltar a while back on our travels in the south of Spain. The tea was great.

Anyhoo, apparently in the resort we were in, Soldeu El Tarter, all the land, all the schools, the hotels, the shops, the bars, the restaurants, the lifts, everything belong to 3 families. 20 years ago they were subsistence farmers and now they are multi-millionaires. The head honcho in one of the families in El Tarter apparetnly still drives around in his tractor and herds his goats himself – it all means nothing to him!


Much as I love me fella, only an idiot wouldn’t cop that ski-ing is probably a great holiday if you wanna pull – particularly if you’re not fussy about what you pull! We took part in the pub crawl on the Monday, managed to find the only other Irish people on the crawl and the six of us looked down our noses at the loutish britons. I wouldn’t recommend going on the pub crawl on a ski-ing holiday if you are anyway serious about the ski-ing aspect of the holiday. I was in tatters the next day: made it to our class but gave up and went back to bed after lunch. A whole afternoon of snow wasted.

Bruise of the week

I didn’t win the bruise of the week competition. By rights I should have had much more impressive bruises. Some slapper who showed the bruise on her arse won. Typical.

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