Not in her name

Not in her name Interesting opinion piece by Ruth Dudley Edwards in the Irish Times today. However I have two questions about it: she says in one paragraph that the marchers were marching because of a hatred of the greatest democracy on earth. (Not my reason for marching but I certainly can’t speak for the other 99,999 people present) Then she says that “the case for invading Iraq has been badly made” How could the “greatest democracy in the world” not make a good case for anything? That is totally illogical. She goes on to recount a speech given by Dr. Barham Salih, Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan, who tells of his people’s joy at liberation at the hands of the US and Brits after the previous Gulf War. Apparently he said so what if the US were just after the oil and the Iraqis were liberated as a result. It would be “a good irony”. As a Gaelic poet once wrote, “Co choimead an ola?” Who will keep the oil?

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