It’s been a while

It’s been a while Real life took over there again for a while. To save time, I will list the major events of the last week:

  • Thursday evening: Went to visit my grandmother, Gladys, with photographs of her great-granchildren, my nieces. She gets a lotta value from photographs!
  • Wednesday winner: Won a scratchcard in the Lotto – itchy palms tell the truth
  • Thursday evening: After visiting Gladdie, narrowly avoided getting ensnared in the singles night in Tesco in Merrion near where she lives!
  • Friday, Valentine’s Day – what a pile of pants although I did get a lovely bunch of tulips from me fella but just because it’s Friday
  • Saturday: Marched for peace. A glorious day in all senses of the word.
  • Saturday evening: Took far too long to get to Rosemary’s 18th birthday party. Got horribly lost between Abigail’s place in Maynooth and MacCabe’s near Rathcoole. The party was a great laugh. I did catch myself saying, “That music is appalling!” as I sipped my tea in the kitchen with my aunt and uncle. But it was terrible music. When we decided to leave, we discovered upon rolling the unconscious girl off the pile of coats in my cousin’s bedroom that aforementioned girl had pissed herself. Abigail’s coat and jumper were sopping. I had a good mind to tell everyone at the party as I figured if the hangover the next day didn’t put her off drinking that much crap ever again maybe the slagging in school would. As it is their mid-term break I realised it was pointless and refrained. Rosemary never did get the courage up to invite the 5th year who looks like Justin Timberlake. I was sorely disappointed…
  • Sunday: Bought ski-pants. Went to visit Gladys. Vinnie came along too so I didn’t get a look in! Checked my lotto numbers and this time i , sorry we had one 24 yoyos. Hurrah! Hail to the itchy palms. Had roast beef for dinner and watched Donnie Darko – I recommend it

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