Ah ye’re just a bunch of oul flower wavin’ hippies

Ah ye’re just a bunch of oul flower wavin’ hippies. Myself and me fella were planning a romantic protest for two and now the whole world has jumped on board.

National Demonstration



On February 15th the largest ever mobilisation against war will take

place with simultaneous mass demonstrations in capital cities across the

globe to protest against US plans to attack Iraq. The protests are aimed

at stopping the current US war drive on Iraq. A war on Iraq will

certainly lead to thousands of civilian deaths and cause chaos across the

Middle East.

The call for the day of action comes from the European Social Forum held

in Florence last November where 60,000 delegates from Europe and across

the world met to discuss global injustice and the war and one million

people took part in a protest against war on Iraq.

The International Day of Action has now been taken up by anti war

activists and organisations across the globe. Mass protests have been

organised in every major European capital and a number of US and Canadian


The call has now also been endorsed by a conference of anti war activists

that took place in Cairo in December. This important gathering brought

together delegates from across the Middle East, with representatives from

the leading anti war organisations in Europe. The conference included

Egyptian parliamentary representatives, prominent individuals such as

Dennis Halliday and Hans Von Sponeck, both former UN officials in Iraq,

and former Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella who was elected President

of a new International Coalition Against US Aggression on Iraq.

Finally, the call for Feb 15th is almost certain to be endorsed by the

World Social Forum meeting in Porto Allegre next month, which will add

the involvement of many Latin American countries to the day of action.

Coalitions of all anti war groups and organisations are now being formed

in countries across the globe to ensure an enormous mobilisation on Feb

15th. Ten million are expected to march in Europe alone on that date

Here in Ireland, the Irish Anti War Movement and the Peace and Neutrality

Alliance have joined forces to organise solidarity with the International

Day of Action. This will take the form of a national demonstration in the

capital at 2pm on Sat Feb 15th from Parnell Square finishing with a city

centre rally and followed by a free concert.

We call on all those opposed to the US war drive on Iraq to make their

vioce heard and join the protest on Feb 15th in Dublin.

We are seeking people and groups who will agree to sponsor the National

Demonstration against war on Iraq on Saturday 15th of February 2003 on

the following basis;

1.That we oppose the military assault on Iraq by the USA and it’s allies.

2. That we oppose the anti-Islamic racism arising out of the current war


3. We also call for a halt on attacks on civil liberties and the right to

protest under the guise of the “war on terrorism”.

4. We seek justice for the Palestinian people.

5. We seek to develop peaceful alternatives to war to address the reasons

for injustice and conflict in the world.

6. We seek an end to the use of Irish airports and airspace by the US

military and oppose any Irish involvement in a war on Iraq.

To add your name/organisation to the list of sponsors Tel:087-6329511 or

e-mail info@irishantiwar.org

Sponsors for Feb 15th International Day of Action in Ireland include:


Des Geraghty(General President, SIPTU), Pat Rabitte TD (Leader of Labour

Party), Liz Mc Manus TD, Prionsias De Rossa MEP, Michael D Higgins TD,

Mike Allen, (General Secretary, Labour Party), Eamonn Ryan TD, Ciaran

Cuffe TD, Trevor Sargent TD (Leader of Green Party), John Gormley TD,

Paul Gogarty TD, Joe Higgins TD, Eamonn Mc Cann, (Journalist) Denis Keane

(President CPSU) Hazel O’ Conor (Singer), Marnie Holborrow (President

SIPTU Education branch), Roger Cole (Chair, Peace and Neutrality

Alliance) Mary Van Lieshout (US Citizens in Ireland for Alternatives to

War), Colin Coulter (Lecturer), Richard Boyd Barrett, Irish Anti War

Movement, Conor Kostick, (Chairperson, Irish Writers Union), Gavin

Kostick (Playwright), Nora Geraghty (Globalise Resistance), Gerry Adams

MP, Martin McGuinness MP, Michelle Gildernew MP, Pat Doherty MP, Caoimhin

O’Caolain TD, Aengus O’Snodaigh TD, Arthur Morgan TD, Martin Ferris TD &

Sean Crowe TD.


The Labour Party, The Green Party, The Socialist Party, The Socialist

Workers Party, Irish Socialist Network, US Citizens in Ireland for

Alternatives to War, NGO Peace Alliance, Globalise Resistance, Sinn Fein.

For general information about the Irish Anti-War Movement contact one of

the following:


Aoife N� Fhearghail 087 7955013

Richard Boyd Barrett 087 6329511

Colin Coulter 01 8746012

Sandeep Vaidya 087 2225742

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