Weekend Goth

Weekend Goth When I was a teenager this was the name given to kids who only dressed up as Goths at the weekend. These were the kids who didn’t flout school rules by wearing twenty earrings and their hair back-combed and varnished into freakish heights with egg and sugar mixes. Well ladies I am a weekday blogger which explains why there are no entries at the weekend. I am too busy having a life and fun.

This weekend I went ski-ing in Kilternan again. We were there just after 11 on Saturday morning and got some practice in before the class started. There were only 5 of us in the class and we had a very posh instructor called William. At one point he said we would definitely enjoy lessons on our recreational ski-ing holidays as the instructors “tend to be jolly humourous peopple”. Classic! He was also impressed by my ski-ing abilities. Just call me Frosty.

Vinnie told me on the way home that he reckoned I could easily be a ski instructor some day soon – not because of my awesome ability but because I am posh enough. Hmmm.

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