Opening Andorra’s Box

Righto. Christmas snaps taken with the digital camera are here. Hours of fun with all the family what.

Will chuck up some more as I get with it.

Todays’ exciting news is, that Vinnie and I have finally booked our ski-ing holiday. We are all set to go to Andorra.

It has been a bit of saga. To be honest I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to go and between the jigs and the reels, we finally decided let’s go to New York instead. I had given Vinnie tokens to learn ski-ing in Kilternan before we went away for his birthday last November. So we decided sure we’d go up to Kilternan for the laugh. Well 3 shots down the “piste” later and we were hooked. And we haven’t even been on the “piste” proper!

Since then we have hummed and hawed and now finally tonight we booked online

So Andorra it is. If you have any comments let me know

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