Shuffling through my brain

So I have been shuffling through my brain trying to think of the best way to represent it. I have also been trying to think up some cute ways to name things. I was having a peak at some of the “blogs of note” on and ladies I am way behind. But not for long.

Have just returned home from a night out with me fella at Vicar st. He brought me to see Pat Shortt (formerly of D’Unbelievables) and I would recommend it to anyone. Nuttin’ like a good laugh, wha’? Das righ. Okay enough with the impressions.

On the way home I was thinking of Louise as we passed a crime scene – but no jokes aside. It was down near where she used to live near Clanbrassil street. In fact it was her dodgy local that had the tape around it… No doubt I will hear more about it on morning ireland tomorrow morning.

Got home and tried to ring Prof GF to wish her a happy birthday but she wasn’t there or wasn’t answering or as the song goes whatever. Off to drink tea, over and out.

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