Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell So I finally saw the Spire yesterday. It was dark so I did not see it as its best. It is amazing and I say “Whisht!” to the naysayers.

Vinnie and I had arranged to meet there and go out for dinner. If you will excuse the pun, Vinnie was inspired while he was waiting for me beside the giant needle and suggested that we go and give blood. As this was one of my New Year’s Resolutions I agreed.

However, they wouldn’t let me because I got my belly button pierced less than a year ago – goddammit. So Vinnie had to go through the whole thing all on his own. And there we were with this romantic notion that we could give blood and hold hands and smile at each other and think “Ah! What good citizens we are!”. Chances are in August there will be other reasons why I can’t give blood…!

What a coinkydink! In a bizarre twist, who did we meet there but my colleague Fiona. I mean the chances of that happening. Neither she nor I had ever been there before. And before, dear reader, you start to say things like we must have been discussing it, it was also FIona’s fella who suggested they go. He has donated before. Fiona chickened out!

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