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Tuesday Tune: Somewhere to Go by Sue Rynhart
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Nipper 3.0 tells a ghost story
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The little things bring it: Cannellini Bean and Bacon Soup

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Serendipity. Sometimes the little things bring it. Rocking up to my local Supervalu to restock after two weeks holidays and finding a new line of Batchelors tinned beans* give me a little blasht of serendipity. You take it where you can get it, right? I'm all for change but, gosh darn it, I want to be the one making the changes! When my local Superquinn switched to Supervalu I saw a few of my favourite products disappear off the shelves. Admittedly there are some new or expanded ranges but I can no more buy Doves Farm Yeast, for example. I have to schlep all the way to The Hopsack in Rathmines to pick it up. I use this ...

Filleann an Feall ar an bhFeallaire

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The recent announcement that the Turing Award had been awarded to a team that created "Eugene Goostman" got me thinking for my most recent article for is currently seeking the assistance of its readership and supporters of independent minority language media. It is among a raft of Irish Language organisations that have had their funding withdrawn by Foras na Gaeilge in 2014, many of which have since closed their doors including my former place of work, Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge which was founded in the 1940s. is a vital part of the international Irish language community media since 2001, ...

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I like to be positive. It distresses me to be negative. I don't always manage it but I do try. It's one thing I learnt from a manager who was forever rocking in from the current training course and trying out the latest lesson on us. Mostly this habit drove me mad but one day this manager asked me to talk up the positives of a certain issue and it really can change your perspective. So I'm very happy to be writing this post as it won't require much positive visualisation. I have a good review of a product: YAY! I swore this time last year that I would report on my experience of product because I have a ...