Déanta ag Rosie: Taking pride in making
Actually on the telly box
Charolais Photo by Sally Anne Kelly
Review: Charolais, when a cow brought a tear to my eye
Between Trees and Water. Photo credit John Allen
Quick review: Between Trees and Water, Dublin Fringe Festival
Ghost Story
Nipper 3.0 tells a ghost story
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Labels – how did they fare?

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I like to be positive. It distresses me to be negative. I don't always manage it but I do try. It's one thing I learnt from a manager who was forever rocking in from the current training course and trying out the latest lesson on us. Mostly this habit drove me mad but one day this manager asked me to talk up the positives of a certain issue and it really can change your perspective. So I'm very happy to be writing this post as it won't require much positive visualisation. I have a good review of a product: YAY! I swore this time last year that I would report on my experience of MyNametags.ie product because I have a ...

State of me

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Please excuse the blog's appearance at the moment. I am tidying up a few bits and

End of year school fundraiser with Maria Doyle Kennedy

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The first time I saw Maria Doyle Kennedy in clós na scoile I gave her a big "Hellloooo!" which is nice as she was a new parent in the school. Very welcoming of me eh? Nice for her: I was mortified of course because I obviously couldn't separate fiction from reality and was in the middle of watching Dexter on Netflix... Cringe. [caption id="attachment_2356" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Maria Doyle Kennedy in Dexter Season 5[/caption] So yep we have a star of stage and screen in pobal na scoile but we're way cool about it.... Ahem. I'm not just telling you this because I'm more than a little starstruck. Maria is ...