Giuirléidí don Téarma Nua Oll/scoile

In my most recent article for Beo! I write about some “essential” technology for what the French call “La Rentree” and marketers here call “Back to School”. Hearty congratulations to all those who received Leaving Cert results this week, especially my nephew in Wexford, who, as expected, sailed through. Phew! If nothing else, folks, you’ve passed […]

How not to run an online business or FAIL

At the end of August I ordered just over €100 worth of schoolbooks from (I know, I know, I should have ordered them last JANUARY right?!) The nippers started back in school on 30th August and no sign of the books. I couldn’t tell from the website whether they were to arrive imminently […]

Suits you sir!

Ah the Irish Summer! Well so far this year we cannot complain too much. Most primary schools will finish up this week so expect a turn for the miserable in no short time. This year, however, I am uber-prepared. I have a list of things to do, I’ve sorted the toys and with quiet optimism […]

Is she really going out in them? (The Twitterers made me)

Whipped up into a frenzy by a ridiculous Twitter chat in relation to Joe Jackson’s shoes and convinced I could find anything online I have just purchased these delectable items. It will make up for the Peter Pan booties that I didn’t buy in Amsterdam last October. Himself will not be impressed. Mind you he […]

Classic ROCK

Found this YouTube video on the blog of a new twitter follow(er)(ee) (see comment in previous post.)Classic!