A new addition to the family

I was going to write that I can’t believe it has taken me about 3 months to get myself organised to write about the latest addition to our family. However I can believe it. The reason I haven’t written about this addition is partly a time issue and partly the fact that I haven’t managed to get a decent photography of her. One that really does her justice. Because Huckle our new cat is really beautiful. She’s silver furred with dark grey markings. She has white socks and a white chest. She’s a short-haired cat and very friendly, both traits contrasting her with Fluff, the long haired, cranky tabby who grew up with us in Belgrave square and gave her last miaow shortly after I moved out.

I’ll keep taking pictures of Huckle but in the meantime here is a short, Qik video of her relaxing at home.

Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce

I was just asked by my lovely Kiwi friend to take part in a recipe exchange. Basically it was a chain email which normally I don’t agree with but as you all know I love to cook and bake so I thought this was a really practical to get tried and tested recipes. I sent the inevitable Chocolate Fudge Cake and another staple from our kitchen.

Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce
This is so simple and so yummy and it’s a lifesaver. Real comfort food.

  • 1 14oz tin of tomatoes (she specifies whole tomatoes but we use whatever is in the cupboard)
  • Half an onion
  • About 60g butter – a finger sized chunk

Put all the ingredients into a pot, leaving the onion unchopped.
Bring to the boil, allowing butter to melt.
Cook for about 20 minutes

Cook pasta according to taste/ packet instructions. Drain. Put in a bowl.
Remove onion half (can be retained for stew/ ratatouille/ whatever).
Pour tomato sauce over pasta. Mix well and serve with a good dose of good parmesan.


So Himself’s sister had a little girl over a week ago now and called her Daisy. She also has a son called Kenyon. I was in the ancestral home on Easter Sunday, flicking through the Time Out Guide to Film that I bought me da for Crimbo and what do I find but this:
There is a film from 1947 called Daisy Kenyon!