1 picture = 1k words+

Also the thought of writing a thousand words is exhausting in my present “condition”.


All going to plan Nipper 3.0 will be out of beta testing mode and into full release in the New Year. Now you know why I was yawning in your company. Really you are scintillating; I was just tired.

13 Responses to “1 picture = 1k words+”

  1. Made Marian says:

    Congratulations Rosanne. Delighted for you!

  2. Lily says:

    Roseanne, congratulations. Delighted for you. Hope the pregnancy is really easy. It seems like only yesterday when I was at your stage – ‘No 3′ now 15! Enjoy it all

  3. Mark Reilly says:

    Congrats, give you a few months to thinking up the a properly obscure Smith-like name. :)

  4. enormous says:

    @Marian – thanks! And I haven’t forgotten our crochet plan. Was only thinking about you last week!

    @Lily Now that is like the parenting equivalent of a papal blessing! If I can do half as good a job as you did with your three I’ll be laughing! What’s your secret?

    @Mark We’re thinking Aloysius – whatcha reckon? Ideas on a post card please!

  5. Aislinn says:


  6. Frank Bradley says:

    Congrats and best of luck.

  7. enormous says:

    Hi Aislinn, Frank,

    Thanks! I’m feeling much more excited now that people know :)


  8. Abigail says:

    Now I can tell everyone. Yay!! Brilliant x x

  9. Congratulations Roseanne, that’s wonderful news.

    Make sure to register twitter, facebook and domain names for him/her – never mind about putting their name down for school :)

  10. enormous says:

    Thanks Eamon :) How come you don’t look happy in your avvy though?
    Well with nipper 2.0 it’s a lost cause what with the TV station, the carpark, the legendary Irish hero and hurler there’ll be no getting his domain name. This is of course a factor in the naming game along with no fadas, and no unneccesary consonants. However as a pregnant lady/ new mother it is my perogative to change my mind at the drop of a fada 😉

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